Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marvin's Organic Gardens

There is one of the few certified organic nurseries in the entire Midwest about 20 minutes from my house (on Rt 42, between Mason & Lebanon - Marvins Organic Gardens), and I have been meaning to go for over a year.  I had a meeting up in Lebanon yesterday morning and thought that was a good excuse to stop on my way home and see what they have.  It wasn't quite what I expected, but it was a nice place.  They had a lot of your standard annuals grown from non-organic seed, but they had a LOT of vegetables, several unique varieties, and all grown themselves from organic seed.  They also had organic fertilizer, though I had to search a bit to find the liquid seaweed I had been searching for.  The suprise bonus - it was an unmarked sale of 25% off.  Very nice.  I picked up a 4-pack of leeks (but I looked closely and 3 of the cells actually have 2 leeks in them), and 1 heirloom purple Cherokee striped tomato plant and 1 San Marzano Italian paste tomato plant.  I haven't bought any tomatoes yet this year (or peppers) so I thought it was totally allowed.  I have a couple jalapenos, a couple of red, orange or yellow bell peppers and a few amish paste tomatoes to buy yet, and then I think I'll have everything I am planting in the garden this year.  They had Amish Paste at Marvin's, but at $2.95 a plant I couldn't justify them, since the ones at Jungle Jims are about $1.49 a 4-pack!  Jungle Jim's are probably not organic seed, but I'm still supporting an individual vs. a mega-corporation, so I'll buy from Jungle Jims. 

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