Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Feed Barn

After playgroup this morning with the girls at Sharon Woods Metropark, I realized two things:
  1. I am out of eggs
  2. I will be going right past The Feed Barn at Gravel Knoll Farms, which sells eggs from their organically raised chickens
So I thankfully remembered this on the way home, instead of once we were already home like I usually do, and stopped to get a dozen eggs.  I hadn't been to The Feed Barn in a couple of months (since I bought my seed potatoes there) and I had forgotten how much I love it.  Linda, one of the owners of Gravel Knoll Farms, which is also one of our local CSAs (community supported agriculture), was working and when she opened the egg carton to check on the eggs, she determined that they were "kind of small" (they didn't look that small to me) and so she took 50 cents off the dozen.  You don't get that kind of service at the grocery store!  I am now officially vowing to buy the majority of my eggs there, rather than the grocery store.  They're $3 a dozen, which for organic, cage-free eggs is cheaper than the grocery store.  Plus, you get spontaneous discounts occasionally like I did today, and you're supporting community agriculture and organic practices.

Plus, Linda and her husband Jim are the "founders" of the West Chester Farmer's Market, which I also love.  There are going to be a lot of booths this year, which is great (28 according to the website).  Plus, it is going to be set up right in the Square at Union Center, in the road in front of another awesome business The Learning Kitchen (a great place to learn some cooking skills for those veggies you're growing).  Hopefully some new people stumble into TLK and discover it - I discovered it last year when I poked my head in on the way back to my car from the farmer's market.  They have a homemade noodles and a pastry skills class, both of which I am dying to have come around on the calendar again so I can take them!


  1. Hi Alyssa!

    After reading your post about eggs, I thought about the grow and know event Ohio Farm Bureau is sponsoring at Bob Evans Farm on July 18. One of the topics focuses on learning to produce eggs in your own backyard! It sounds like you have a great resource for your own eggs but just in case you are interested in learning about this, here is the link:

    Happy Gardening!

  2. Shannon - Sounds like a really great day - I wish it were a bit closer. Not sure I can make it all the way over to SE Ohio for the day with 2 kids under 5. Bummer. Thanks for the info though! I've considered backyard chickens - a childhood friend of mine just got 4 backyard chickens for their urban yard in Salt Lake City, and I've been talking to her about it quite a bit. I'm just not sure that I'm ready for the commitment of my own animals - we don't even have any pets!


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