Sunday, May 31, 2009

The *#%@&^ Honeysuckle

You may remember that several weeks ago (May 12th, to be exact) I mentioned cutting down a bunch of honeysuckle at the back of our property.  Well, we are finally getting it chipped up, which I'm really glad for.  I was less than thrilled, however, to see the stumps with numerous new shoots that are about a foot high.  A foot.  In three weeks!  That's more growth than my sunflowers!  Is there any wonder why this stuff is invasive?!?!  So my task this week once we get the rest of the branches chipped is to start the tedious job of digging out the stumps.  "Yay - I mean boo!"  (If there are any fans of the NewsRadio TV show out there, can you tell me who said that quote?)  Unless someone has a better organic method of getting rid of it?  The only methods I have seen involve an add for some honeysuckle remover gadget, which I can't justify buying, or painting the freshly cut stumps with Roundup, which is hardly organic.  More ideas welcome.  Pretty please!

**I also solicited ideas from friends on my facebook account, and after doing so feel the need to clarify the fact that burning the honeysuckle and any forms of fire are out of the question, due to the honeysuckle's proximity to the wooden stockade fence which does not belong to us but rather to the property behind ours.  I would like to stay out of court and avoid criminal charges.  Thank you. 

I am extremely happy by all the wood chips though, which are providing a mow-free walkway around the gardens (Mark is also very happy about not having to use the string trimmer against the raised beds any more).  I put down a layer of newspaper (2 layers thick) under most of the chips and then about 3 inches of chips, which should keep the weeds and sod from growing through.  Depending on how many wood chips we actually end up with, it may be thicker in the end.

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