Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Gate!

I am so happy I can hardly stand it.  I now have a gate in the back part of our fence!!!  For some reason, whatever previous owners of our house that built the fence in the backyard did not put a gate in the back of it.  The fence ended just before a small hill covered with honeysuckle, etc but our property line went partially up the hill.  Well, the commercial property behind our house sold several years ago now part of that hill is gone and there is a large stockade fence separating us from the "professional offices" that were built behind us.  Well, the part of our  property between the stockade fence and our fence has been totally useless to us before this, because we had basically no way to access it.  We've been saying we were going to put a gate in our fence since we moved in over 4 years ago.  It's now finally finished!  Plus, Mark is off to borrow a wood chipper and hopefully by this evening we'll have all the honeysuckle I cut down a month or so ago chipped up before the day is done (or at least before the weekend is done).  I am planning to move both compost bins to the area behind the fence, and once we get all the honeysuckle stumps out I'll see what things look like and go from there...

My new back gate!  Yay! (All the brown brush is the honeysuckle I cut down a month or so ago, and will be gone by the end of this weekend thanks to a wood chipper we're borrowing.)

The current view from my kitchen window

The view from my kitchen window in Fall 2006.  Pre-commercial development.  However, there is a billboard visible on the left side, so it's not like we were in pristine wilderness, but I still miss it....

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