Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?? Please?

So.... it has been for.ev.er. since I updated this blog. Seriously.  I didn't even look at the date of the last post, but I know it's ridiculously long ago.  Life has been crazy this winter and spring.  I am hoping to be better about updating things, but honestly, I'm not making any promises.  My small business has taken off some, plus I took on a major volunteer role at our church, plus being on both girls school boards next year plus those little things like, oh, spending time with my family.

Today was a GORGEOUS day here in Cincinnati (I believe we hit 60 degrees and there was SUN!) so I started on garden prep and planting.  I ordered a bunch of seeds from Johnny's seeds for this year, and I sat on the back patio and started some tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. It will be a while before they see actual daylight again, but it was so exciting to get them started and think of all the delicious eggplant parmigiana we'll have this summer.

This is the first time I've attempted any of these plants from seed, so I hope it goes well.  One of the seeds I started, which isn't shown, are the Black Cherry tomato seeds that I saved from last year.  I'm hoping they germinate, as I'm afraid they may have fermented a bit too long in the process.  We'll see.

Less than 2 weeks to spring, and I am seriously ready for it.


  1. Well, we all need a break from blogging once in a while. Welcome back!

  2. Just wanted to say HI! And I hope your seeds are doing well...


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